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OSG Extrusion Tap VP-NRT


       The OSG tap series includes OSG spiral flute taps, OSG tip taps, OSG straight flute taps, OSG extrusion taps, pipe taps, etc. OSG is one of the world’s outstanding tool manufacturers. The company’s main business is manufacturing and selling cutting tools, Rolling tools, measuring tools, tool machinery, machinery parts and components. Since its establishment in 1938, OSG of Japan has so far established forty multinational group companies. It has accumulated many years of theoretical and practical experience and is a superior brand in the cutting tool industry.

       Detailed introduction of OSG extrusion taps:

       The OSG extrusion tap is a plastic forming method, in which the material to be cut is raised to form a thread by pressing and grinding in the lower hole. Therefore, no cutting chips are produced, and there is no chip flute, so it is also called a grooveless tap or a chipless tap. This tap will not damage the thread or tap due to problems such as chip clogging. Extrusion taps are suitable for plastic materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, brass and low carbon steel. Both through and blind holes are applicable.

       OSG extrusion taps are especially suitable for copper alloys and aluminum alloys with low strength and good plasticity, and can also be used for materials with low hardness and high plasticity such as stainless steel and low carbon steel, with long life. The extruded thread has a high surface finish, the metal fiber of the thread does not break, and a chilled layer is formed on the surface, which can improve the strength and wear resistance of the thread. The problem of difficult chip removal of wire taps is fundamentally solved. Because there is no chip, it is more conducive to thread assembly.


       OSG VP-NRT extrusion tap series:

       TiCN coating, powdered high-speed steel material, suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, steel, copper and other materials, especially for the processing of difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, with high precision, long life, stable performance, and beautiful threads. M1~M6 inventory is sufficient

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