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OSG mold milling cutter WXL&WXS

OSG WXS&WXL high hardness steel milling cutter series for metal mold processing:

In order to meet the needs of the majority of metal mold customers, OSG has launched the WXL&WXS coated milling cutter series. This coating gives the tool excellent wear resistance, heat resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance, and it can also be processed such as adjustment High-hardness materials such as high-quality steel and hardened steel. WXS coating is a super heat-resistant coating using (super micro) technology, which can realize high-speed and long-life processing in corresponding pre-hardened steel and hardened steel (HRC70: SKD11, SKD61, SKH). WXL coating has a wide range of milling, from non-ferrous alloys, mild steel to HRC50 quenched and tempered steel. At the same time, whether it is a low-speed cutting with a small cutting force or a high-speed cutting with a large cutting force, the coating can ensure the extremely stable processing performance of the milling cutter.

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